For Staff

Compliance Packet Instructions

Please review the documents in the files found below as specified. 

When you have read and understand the information you should complete the verification form linked above and return it to Trisha Reed, Human Resources Director.  Your verification form is due  by midnight on Monday, October 16, 2023.

In addition, please remember to login to Vector/SafeSchools and complete the training modules. They will be available to submit after August 22nd and must be completed by Monday, October 16th as well.  Please remember that reading this information and reviewing the Vector/SafeSchools modules are part of a self-scheduled teacher work day contained in the collective bargaining agreement. 

Thank you for your time and for all you do for our community’s kids and our team!

Adva Ringle
Assistant Superintendent

Student and Family Health & Wellness

Are you or a member of your family struggling with social, emotional, substance abuse, or mental health issues?  Fowlerville Community Schools has partnered with Care Solace to assist families with finding the support they need to access support.  Care Solace will work with you to find an appropriate provider who will best fit your needs and work with your insurance or budget to provide the care you or your loved one needs to overcome the issue.  Click here for the district’s Care Solace page or speak to the school counselor or social worker for more information.

Family Medical Leave Act

Steps for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA):

1. Read Employee Rights and Responsibilities under the FMLA for reference and eligibility requirements.  Also review  the Notice of Eligibility, Rights & Responsibilities information.

2. Contact Human Resource via email to initiate an FMLA leave -

3. Complete & Review necessary paperwork listed below:

4. Return completed Certification of Health form  to Human Resources. 

Documents should be returned within 15 days of the initial emailed request. Failure to provide the required documentation may result in the delay or denial of the leave.

5. What Happens Next?

Once the Certification of health  is received, Human Resources will review documentation, run hours report and complete the Notice of Eligibility, Rights & Responsibilities form. Human Resources will review the leave request and determine eligibility.  Once verified a completed Notice of Eligibility, Rights & Responsibilities form and a Designation Notice will be emailed back to the employee with a determination status and instructions for next steps if necessary.


Employee Rights

Certification of Health form for Employee    OR   Certification of Health form for Employee Family Member  

Notice of Eligibility, Rights & Responsibilities