For Parents

Smith K-2  

Monica Burke

Various clubs meet after school in 4 – 8 sessions.  Clubs open to all students are based on teachers' expertise and students’ interest.  Recent club offerings include:                      

  • Stem Club
  • Sign Language Club
  • Music Club
  • Fit Club
  • Art Club
  • Color Wheel Club
  • Differentiated math and reading instruction is provided for all students' enrichment.

Kreeger 3rd-5th

Sandra Gill

Various clubs meet after school throughout the year.  Clubs open to all students are based on teachers' expertise and students’ interest.  Recent club offerings include:

  • Drama
  • Chess
  • Genealogy
  • Creative Thinking
  • Art
  • Science
  • The Bug Club
  • Archery Club
  • Jump Rope
  • Archery
  • Dancing
  • Honors Choir
  • Field of Dreams Baseball Club
  • Girls on the Run (fee based)

NUMATS (Northwest University Midwest Academic Talent Search)
Each year qualified students have the opportunity to take the EXPLORE (prep test to college entrance exam), providing an opportunity for parents to connect to resources.

Differentiated math and reading instruction is provided for all students' enrichment.   

FJHS Grades 6th - 7th – 8th 

Amy Maurer

Full year acceleration for math possible based on NWEA test scores, unit test score averages, and teacher recommendations.

ELA will not be accelerated, but an honors ELA will be offered in both the 7th and 8th grade based on NWEA test scores in reading and language usage, writing score averages, and teacher recommendations.

Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language can be accelerated by a year by testing out of the subject. Students have to sign up to take the testing out exam and receive a 77% or higher on the exam in order to advance.

Each year qualified students have the opportunity to take the EXPLORE, SAT or ACT providing an opportunity for parents to connect to resources.

Students are able to participate in after school Chess, National Jr. Honor Society, Jazz Band, Art Club, Math Club, Ski and Snowboard Club, Theater play productions,  Vex Robotics Club,  board game club, Quiz Bowl, Reaching Higher, Student Council, Creative Writing, Archery and Science Olympiad at the present time.

FHS Grades 9th – 12th   

Jamey Hardenbrook

Students may choose accelerated academic paths.  AP courses are available in Calculus, Physics, Language Arts, Psychology, English Literature and Composition, Chemistry, Biology, AP Art 2D Studio Design and History.   FHS also offers on-line learning opportunities.  Dual enrollment, Career Center, Early Middle College, DEEP, and “testing out” is also available to those students who qualify. 

Extensive club offerings include Art Club, Tech Club, DECA, Jazz Band, NHS, SLS, Science Olympiad, Gamer Support Club, FFA, Songwriter Club, Book CLub, Archery, French CLub, FIRST Robotics, Spanish Club, German Club, Studen Council and Theater.

Kindergarten – 12th Grades

District Contact
Adva Ringle
517-223- 6027  

Building G/T Coordinators participate in MAGE (Michigan Association for Gifted Education) opportunities when possible.

Community Recreation and Fowlerville Community Schools offer a wide range of athletics for youth to participate in.

Other Resources

  • MDE Talent Development
    Michigan Department of Education Talent Development (Gifted and Talented) website and resources.
  • GT Resource Network
    GT Resource Network is an all volunteer group dedicated to the support of gifted children and their parents.
  • Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education
    The Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education offers resources, learning opportunities and events to help support and nurture Gifted Children, and those who are concerned about them, in Michigan.

If you're either a family in transitional housing (living with another family, in temporary housing, living in a camper, hotel, etc.) for financial reasons or a student who is living away from your family because of conflict or financial issues, please fill out the packet linked here, see your student's counselor, or contact Assistant Superintendent Adva Ringle at (517) 223-6027 or to see if your student qualifies for support through the McKinney-Vento Act.

McKinney-Vento Application Packet (pdf)
Community Resources

Common Core Standards - Provides background and History of the development of these Standards Common Core State Standards web site - complete common core state standards /p>

Mr. Tim Dowker   517-223-6027
Curriculum Director

Common Core Resources

The Fowlerville Community Schools offer English as a Second Language(ESL) supports to students with limited English proficiency.  We have a continuum of supports for students based on their English skills and needs.  Service time and supports are based on the district's Language Acquisition Plan linked here.  Our goal is to ensure that limited English proficiency is not a barrier to a student's full participation in all of the programs and activities offered at the Fowlerville Community Schools.

We also offer translation services for parents and other family members to support communication between the schools and the families of our English Learner (EL) families.  If you speak a language other than Spanish and need translation assistance, please email Adva Ringle at

Fowlerville Community Schools has prepared a Handbook for the purpose of educating our staff on the federal ELL regulations and to provide uniform practices for the district. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at the email or phone number below.

Ms. Adva Ringle  517-223-6027
District EL Coordinator


Coming Soon.

Michigan Department of Ed has developed a Parent Engagement Toolkit  to describe ways parents can become involved in their children's education at school and in the community. Scroll to the Green Sections to begin your journey!


Student and Family Health & Wellness

Are you or a member of your family struggling with social, emotional, substance abuse, or mental health issues?  Fowlerville Community Schools has partnered with Care Solace to assist families with finding the support they need to access support.  Care Solace will work with you to find an appropriate provider who will best fit your needs and work with your insurance or budget to provide the care you or your loved one needs to overcome the issue.  Click here for the district’s Care Solace page or speak to the school counselor or social worker for more information.