Schools of Choice

What is School of Choice? 

School of Choice means that you, as a parent/guardian, have the opportunity to select the best educational experience for your student(s) no matter which district boundary you reside within.

Why Choose Fowlerville

The Fowlerville Community School District has a wide range of programs, leading-edge technologies, and an educational experience that can and will challenge your child to excel to their highest potential.

Fowlerville is truly a great place for growing great minds!


When completing your student's application,  all of the following will need to be considered:

  1. All grade levels K-12 are open.
  2. The family must apply for each student's acceptance separately.
  3. Once accepted, students can continue their education at Fowlerville Community Schools until graduation.
  4. Parents/Guardians must provide transportation. Normally, parents can link up with a nearby bus route.
  5. Student applications with suspensions or attendance concerns will be reviewed carefully before admission.
  6. Students who have been expelled will be denied enrollment.

School of Choice Applications:

Livingston County School of Choice Application

Outside Livingston County School of Choice Application