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2025 Senior Picture Information for Yearbook

Hopefully you and your child have made the arrangements for senior portraits to be taken. In order to make that happen as smoothly as possible, we have provided all necessary information regarding senior pictures. 

You can have your senior picture photography done at any studio. However, with the influx of digital photography and amateurphotographers, we are geing some disproportionate and discolored senior photos that do not reproduce well in theyearbook. Just because someone owns a digital camera does not mean they take quality senior photos. Please make sure you have your picture done by a reputable professional. Local photographers who support the yearbook by purchasing 
advertising are:

Frazzinni Photography, Brian Blostica Photography, Nicole Fowler Film and Photography, Deborah Utter Photography, Laura Finley Photography, Carrie Montrose Photography, Studio M Portraits, Ignited Photography, Kayla’s Shots by Design, PattersonPhotography, Melinda Hope Photography, Mirage Photography, and SBS Photography.

Please look in the advertising section of this year’s or past yearbooks for contact information. There are other professional photographers in the area as well, and pricing can be obtained from them.

*NOTE: ALL Seniors do sign off on their senior picture and senior quote, if there is a mistake, it is on the SENIOR!

Here are the specifications photographers need:Color: 

Color or Black and White
Props/Hands: Acceptable in photos
Background: Any
Digital File Format: minimum of 300dpi, JPEG or TIFF
Head Size: 1-1 ½ inch from top of hair to chin
Overall Photo Size: 4 x 4 Or 4x5 inches

Photographers should submit digital photos through email (preferred) at: or via photoCD or flash drive. If the picture is emailed, a return email confirmation will come back within 48-72 hours, once school resumes in September. If you do not receive an email, the picture did not go through. 

ALL SENIOR portraits are due by Friday, JANUARY 10, 2025 If you plan on having your child use their school picture for the yearbook photo, please fill out the form and return the form it to the office by January 10, 2025, or email the yearbook staff.

Senior Picture Form

Dear Parent or Student, 

Yearbook Recognition Ads are the perfect way to commemorate achievements and celebrate milestones. In addition, revenues from Recognition Ads help our school create a better yearbook. To purchase your ad online, follow the instructions listed below. Jostens is responsible for our school's yearbook ad sales. Please do not contact or send materials to the school. Please also consider our school's ad content guidelines below during the creation of your ad online. All orders must be placed by 12/06/2024.