Forms and Procedures

Absence Procedure 


PDF DocumentAsthma Management form - Must be turned into the HS Counseling Office. Must complete a new form each year
PDF DocumentDiabetes Health Care/Physician - Must be turn into the HS Counseling Office. MUST complete a new form each year
PDF DocumentGuest Dance Application - To invite a student that does not attend FHS to a dance
PDF DocumentNon-Prescription Medication Form (14 KB) PDF
PDF DocumentPrescription Form (18 KB) PDF
PDF DocumentPesticide Application
PDF DocumentQR codes - Allows you to book mark FHS websites from your smart phone, by scanning a QR code.
PDF DocumentSchool Based Medical Plan - Not asthma, diabetic care related. Must be filled out yearly, on an as needed basis. Turn into the HS Counseling Office.
PDF DocumentTranscript Request - For requesting a transcript for graduate prior to 2003. Graduates after 2003 please go to Counseling tab and Docufide/Parchment
PDF DocumentVacation Form - Students should fill this form out if intending to be out of school for vacation. Must be filled out prior to absence. Signatures required; teachers, parent, administrator
PDF DocumentCollege visit / job shadow (Jr & Sr only) Must be filled out and turned in prior to visit. Signatures required; teachers, counselor, and parent.  Will count against the semester 2 "Senior Exam Policy".

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PDF DocumentWhats in your medicine cabinet
PDF DocumentYou can help prevent tragedy

All students enrolled in the Fowlerville Community Schools must meet any immunization requirements for school registration set forth in the Public Health Code of the State of Michigan.

A student 7-18 years of age who is entering school shall be in compliance with the following immunization requirements:

  • Has received 4 doses of any appropriate diphtheria vaccine - 3 doses if first dose was received on or after the 7th birthday, and if a dose was not received within the last 10 years, a booster dose at school entry.
  • Has received 4 doses of tetanus vaccine - 3 doses if the first dose received was after the 7th birthday and if a booster was not received within the last 10 years, a booster dose at school entry.
  • Two doses of live MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine received after first birthday, at least one month apart, and with one of two doses at or after 15 months or current laboratory evidence of immunity to mumps, measles and rubella. Three doses of polio vaccine. 

Evidence of completion of these immunization requirements must be submitted to school officials prior to attending classes. The Superintendent or his/her designee will exclude and/or not permit a child to enter school who is out of compliance with the required immunization guidelines. 

Effective January 1, 2015, Public Health Code require parents/guardians:

  • Make an appointment with the local health department.
  • During this appointment, a nurse or health educator will provide immunization education and answer any questions that you may have.
  • Waivers will not be accepted by the school unless they are signed and stamped by a local health department.
  • Students susceptible or waivered may be excluded from school during a disease outbreak.

Livingston County Department of Public Health
2300 East Grand River Avenue, Suite 102
Howell, Michigan 48843-7578
(517) 546.9850

Work Permits

Work permits can be obtained in the Attendance Office, Counseling Office during school hours.  Outside of the door of the B-wing entrance after school hours.

Work permits need to be filled out by the student and the employer then brought to the Attendance Office to be completed by the school.