Rewards Programs Benefiting FJH!

There are many stores that offer donations to schools when family and friends sign up to participate in their rewards programs. This is a great way to raise money for FJH just by doing your regular shopping. 

Please help us by signing up at these stores!

VG's receipts/Spartan Stores

Fowlerville Junior High has the opportunity to earn $1,000 from SpartanNash, simply by shopping at any local company-owned store, including VG’s Supermarket, Family Fare Supermarkets and D&W Fresh Markets. Through the Direct Your Dollars program, we can turn eligible receipts into cash for our organization!

 It’s easy to help us “Direct Your Dollars.” Every time you shop at any VG’s,  Family Fare Supermarket or D&W Fresh Market, save your receipts. We’ll be collecting them in our Direct Your Dollars box, located in our school office.

 For every $150,000 in receipts we collect, we will earn $1,000 donation from SpartanNash. With your support – and your receipts – we’ll be raising money to help with field trip scholarships and lunch time activity supplies.

 If you aren’t able to drop your receipts off in person, you can also mail them to 7677 Sharpe Rd, Fowlerville Mi. 48836 to the attention of Fowlerville Junior High. We DO need original receipts to earn the $1,000 donation, so please no photocopies.

 Thanks to the Direct Your Dollars program, we can raise money for Fowlerville Junior High as we shop for our groceries each week. Start saving those receipts! We’ll continue collecting them throughout the year.



How Your Organization Earns Once your organization is approved and enrolled:

Simply encourage your members to register their Kroger rewards Card online, using your organization name and/or NPO number.

Individual purchases will begin counting towards your organization within 7-10 days of registering the individual rewards Cards on-line.

Every time a member shops for groceries and swipes their card, your organization automatically starts earning a rebate.