FHS Attendance Office is at the main entrance of the building.

 Mr. Zajas - Assistant Principal

Mr. Hess - Dean of Students

Mrs. Kottong - Attendance Secretary

Mrs. Conley - Attendance Secretary 

Attendance Hotline - 517-223-6080 

REASON FOR ABSENCE: Ill, doctor appointment, etc.

Please do not use this number if your child will be arriving late to school or if you need your child dismissed from school early. 223-6044 or 223- 6031

Fowlerville High School
2023-2024 Attendance Updates 

Attendance Protocol 

The number of unexcused/excused absences that students may accumulate is twelve (12) per semester. Medical absences supported by medical documentation do not count towards the 12. If a student goes over the allotted number (12), then the student violates the attendance guidelines set forth by the school and possibly loses their grade and their credit in the course..  The student is encouraged to follow the attendance appeal process. 

If a student goes over twelve absences (13 or more), the following will occur: 
1. Student is still encouraged to finish the course as best as possible.
2. If a student has a 70% or higher as their final grade in the course, they will earn the course credit and grade automatically.
3. If a student has below a 70%, but above a 60% overall in the class, the student will earn credit in the class but will receive a 0.00 G.P.A. for the course. 
4. A student who passes an overall course with an overall grade of 60%-69% may submit an appeal in writing to the school principal within ten (10) days after final grades are posted to earn a 1.0 GPA. 

 A parent may appeal the principal’s decision to the superintendent, and finally the school board.

Parent Notification 


The automatic caller is set to contact parents on any student absence of one or more class period(s) at school.  
An automatic email will be sent to contact parents on their student’s 6th and 9th semester absence of a course. This message includes what the consequence is for achieving 12 or more absences to one course.

Exam Policy  (Senior’s Only - 2nd Semester)

Each course has an end of semester assessment and applies to all level courses. Final semester assessments may take the form of written exams, culminating projects, oral examinations, performance assessments, etc. at the discretion of the teacher. Seniors are excused from an end of semester assessment in a course if they have a semester grade of 84% or higher in that course.  All end of course assessments are to be administered during the last week of class unless extenuating circumstances force the exam(s) to be taken earlier.

Tardiness Procedure

Tardiness is defined as "Failure to be in the assigned classroom when the tardy bell rings." Students are expected to be in their assigned classes on time. Students reporting to class with an excused pass will not be considered tardy.

  1. ALL HOURS – The tardy policy is progressive for every semester.  Tardies will accumulate from the first day of school until the end of the first semester, and then be reset and re-accumulate from the first day of the second semester until the end of the year.

First Tardy-              Teacher Warning
Second Tardy-          Teacher Warning
Third Tardy-             Teacher assigned consequence
Fourth Tardy-          1 hr. after school detention
Fifth Tardy-              1 hr. after school detention
Sixth Tardy-              1 hr. after school detention
Seventh Tardy-        Day of L.S.C.

  1. Any student who fails to show for their assigned date of L.S.C. without permission from an administrator will automatically be assigned an additional day of L.S.C. that counts as an absence for the following day that school is in session. Furthermore, repeated failures to serve L.S.C. will result in additional days of out of school suspension.
  2. Any student tardy to school after 7:30 A.M. must report to the attendance office to sign in before going to class.
  3. If a student enters a class more than fifteen (15) minutes late to first period (7:45), or more than five (5) minutes late during any other period, they will be considered absent, and this will count towards failure to earn credit.
  4. Students arriving late to school must sign in at the main office before to class.
  5. Students will be given 24 hours’ notice prior to serving an after school.
  6. You could be considered tardy twice during 4th hour split “B” lunch.

Releasing a student during school hours- Parent/Guardian should call 223-6044 or  223-6031

  • Pass will be sent to student

  • Before leaving the building student needs to go to the  Attendance Office,  every student must sign out  when leaving and sign themselves back in if returning

To excuse an absence, please call  the FHS Hotline at 223-6080.  This number can be reached 24 hours a day.  All student absences must be called in within 48 hours to be considered excused.  If you need to reach personnel directly regarding an absence, please call 223-6044 or 223-6031.

Include the following information in your message

  • GRADE IN SCHOOL:  9TH - 12th
  • REASON FOR ABSENCE:  Ill, doctor appointment, etc.

After School Detentions

After-School Detention notifications and reminders will be sent to both the student's school email address and their parent/guardian's email address. Reminders will no longer be given to students during the school day as they have in the past. Please note, it is important that parents/guardians check Parent Connect to make sure their email address is up-to-date.     

Learning Support Center (L.S.C.) detention

Notifications will be sent to student's school email and the parent/guardian's email.  Parent/guardian will also receive phone notification.  It is important that parents/guardians check Parent Connect to make sure their  phone number and email address is up-to-date. 

Driving and parking at school is a privilege.

If you are planning on purchasing a parking pass for the 2021/2022 school year, your fines must be paid in full. These fines can be paid in the Main Office of the High School.

 After the start of school passes can be purchased before school, during lunch and after school in the main office.

When you come to buy your parking pass you must also bring in the vehicle registration. The cost is $60 for the full year.  In order to speed up the process and to help with social distancing, we are putting the parking map and parking forms below.  Please have a few spots that you are interested in mind before coming in with the form filled out.

Cost $60 per year (price goes down $15 every marking period that school year)
$2 for additional vehicle parking sticker after original parking pass is purchased
$1 for daily passes  ~ Can be purchased in the Attendance Office

Tickets ~ School Liason may ticket anyone without a parking pass on their vehicle.

What you need to purchase a parking pass

All fines must be paid prior to purchasing a parking pass
Vehicle registration
Student parking form (in main office) must be completed
Payment cash or check (written to FCS)

PDF DocumentParking Permit Sample

PDF DocumentMap

PDF DocumentParking form