Foxbright Website Training

Today's Topics

Below is an outline of topics that will be covered in training.

ADA Compliance and Accessibility

  1. Page Titles
  2. Descriptive and Unique Link Names
  3. Alternative Text
  4. Using Headings to Organize and Outline Page Content

Editing a Website Page

  1. Review features of Rich Text Editor
  2. Previewing the Page
  3. Add page content and how to style headings
  4. Adding links to your website page
  5. Adding an image to your website page
  6. Publishing the Page

Advanced Website Page Editing Features

  1. Using Expandable Content Blocks
  2. Hiding a content block
  3. Expiring a content block
  4. Adding Content blocks
  5. Moving Content Blocks

Other Useful Features

  1. Page Settings
    • Page Layouts
    • Menus
    • Redirect Settings
  2. Move / Copy / Change Page URL
  3. Hide Page

Other Website Modules

  1. Photo Galleries
  2. Calendars
  3. News
  4. Spotlights
  5. Staff Listings


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