Student Centered Programs

Getting Late Assignments Done (GLAD)

At Fowlerville Junior High School, student learning and academic achievement are two of our main objectives. Therefore, we recognize the importance of completing assignments on time and taking full advantage of each learning opportunity. The GLAD program will help promote a sense of responsibility, hard work, and an ownership of learning for students. 

At FJHS we realize the power of a zero when a student fails to turn in an assignment. Receiving a zero for an assignment significantly affects academic achievement due to the critical loss of points and difficulty regaining these points. However, failing to turn in assignment is actually more reflective of a student’s behavioral makeup than that student’s academic ability. Consequently, our policy is to directly address this behavior by requiring the student to complete the assignment, rather than accepting the failure to turn it in and assigning a zero.   We feel that it is a more learning appropriate practice to require students to complete the work rather than promote laziness and quitting by allowing students to not complete assignments. The GLAD program promotes academic achievement by giving students another chance to complete the work and learn the material.

Main Objectives:

  • Improved academic performance by students
  • Increased sense of responsibility for academic success
  • Development of better study habits and higher quality work

How this will be done:

  • Provide another learning opportunity by requiring students to turn in their work
  • Providing a supervised GLAD room during student lunches
  • Not allowing the students to “do nothing”
  • Placing a higher expectation on student success

How the program works:

  1. Student fails to turn in an assignment or project on time. On time means the assignment is submitted on the day and period it is due and that the assignment is fully completed. The teacher will notify the student that he or she must complete the assignment during GLAD time the following day by giving them a GLAD ticket. The GLAD ticket will include the assignment details, the assigned date, and the student name.
  2. GLAD tickets will be completed for any missed assignments and are delivered to the main office the day prior to the assigned GLAD period. The main office will send GLAD reminders to the students the next morning. Students will use their GLAD ticket to be released for lunch two minutes early; allowing GLAD students enough time to get their lunch and complete their work. All students who have GLAD will get their lunch and report to the GLAD room immediately. The GLAD room will be monitored daily by an adult staff member.
  3. The assignment will be collected by the GLAD monitor and returned to the appropriate teacher the day it is collected.
  4. The teacher will review the assignment for completeness and quality of work. 
  5. After 10 GLAD tickets during a marking period, students will be pulled from their elective classes to get caught up on their work that is chronically missing.

*Teachers reserve the right to utilize the GLAD room if they feel the student has not completed the work according to expectations. Extenuating circumstances will be considered by building administration.