Questions and Answers

Q: I live in the Fowlerville School District. My children attend Fowlerville Schools. Why do I have to pay a "non-participating" rate for my child?
A: Local governmental bodies, which are The Village of Fowlerville, Conway, Handy, Iosco, and Cohoctah township contribute monies to the Community Recreation program. If you do not reside in one of these townships, or the Village, you will pay an additional fee for recreational activities.

Q: The weather is bad, how do I know if we have practice or a game?
A: Most sports are played as long as there is no thunder or lightening. Spring sports are sometimes cancelled due to poor field conditions. You can call the Community Ed office at 517-223-6481 and press 2 for the cancellation hotline.

Q: I registered my child for a sport 2 weeks ago. Why haven't I heard from a coach?
A: Generally, the coaches will have a meeting 1 week prior to the beginning of the sport. At this time they will receive their rosters and be advised to call their players.

Q: I lost my schedule. Can I find out online when my child is playing?
A: Yes! You can go to the school calendar, to get the schedules.  Click on the date your child is schedule to play and a schedule will pull up.

Q: Does my child need a physical to compete in Community Recreation sports?
A: Only for football and cheerleading. If your child is in Junior High and plays football or cheers the physical card will be forwarded to the Junior High School Athletic Director at the end of the football season so they may participate in Junior High School sports.

Q: Does my child need a birth certificate with registration?
A: Football, Cheerleading, Travel Baseball and Travel Softball need birth certificates to participate.