3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade! 3rd grade is located in the blue pod.

Our 3rd grade teachers for 2022-2023

  • Mrs. Kitchen
  • Mrs. Kearns-Boyd
  • Mrs. Gaffey
  • Mrs. Feig 
  • Mrs. Olson
  • Mrs. Phillips
  • Ms. Sweet
  • Mrs. Willard
  • Mrs. Sorensen 












3rd Grade Staff


3rd grade teachers believe when you enter the classroom...

  • You are Amazing
  • You are Important
  • You are Leaders
  • You are Explorers
  • You are Scientists
  • You are Mathmaticians
  • You are Creative
  • You are Friends
  • You are Unique
  • You are Authors
  • You are Readers
  • You are Loved
  • You are ... The Reason We are Here!