Kindergarten Staff

Kindergarten Curriculum Standards

We love these easy to use parent guides and hope you find them helpful!

External LinkState standard parent guide for K english language arts

External LinkState standard parent guide for K mathematics

External LinkLearning more about state standards - In the Kindergarten box you will see more information about science, social studies, english language arts, math, physical education, and health education.


Here are some links to language arts websites that we like to use with K students:

External LinkStar Fall - (Great site for mastering letter recognition and other reading tasks)
External LinkStory Line Online - (Have Screen Actors Guild members read a story to you)
External LinkDolch Word - Free sight word games and printables)
External LinkHave Fun Teaching -  (Awesome rap videos for each letter and other amazing resources)
External LinkPBS Kids Super Why?
External LinkLittle Letter Game

Here are some sites we love for science:

External LinkSteve Spangler Science - awesome science videos and experiments
External LinkNASA Kids club
External LinkPest Word for kids awesome games with common pests
External LinkPeep and the Big Wide World awesome science series
External LinkDino Dan - games, video, and information about Dinosaurs
External LinkSid the Science Kid game
External LinkNational Geographic - Explore forces of nature hurricanes, earthquakes, tornado, volcano- make your own with video and experiments.

Here are some wonderful links for social studies:
External LinkNational Geographic Kids - one of the best websites for all sorts of subjects
External LinkMichigan History - videos for learning more about our core democratic values
External LinkMichigan History YBTJ - You be the judge- interactive video to learn more about the Constitution
External LinkBens Guide - Various social studies topics and for K-2 children

Students in Kindergarten recite the Pledge of Allegience in the morning. Please practice the words with your child: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Students in Kindergarten learn the 3 B's which are rules we must follow at school: They are:

  1. Be safe
  2. Be respectful
  3. Be responsible

Students in Kindergarten learn the difference between needs and wants.

Here are some great links for math:

External LinkIlluminations - National Council of Teachers of Math games created for K-2 students. Visit the home page for activities at all levels.
External LinkLearning Planet - time works put the numbers on the clock
External LinkCrick Web - match the numbers name with the number-also features french and spanish
External LinkPBS Patterns - pattern matcher has two levels
External LinkPBS Sandcastle - make a sand castle by matching shapes to outlines

External LinkABCYA- Kindergarten games where education and technology meet.

External LinkNGA - Wonderful art games from the National Gallery of Art.

PBS Kids

External LinkPBS Kids - PBS games and videos
External LinkNick JR - Nick Jr. games and videos
External LinkBBC Typing - Learn to type
External LinkWordle - make beautiful word cloud pictures

Custom Handwriting worksheets

External LinkKid Zone
External LinkHand Writing Worksheets
External LinkWriting Wizard