Welcome to the Counseling Department!

Mrs. Goossens - Counselor

Mrs. Goossens joins Fowlerville High with experience as a middle school counselor in Port Huron. She received a B.A. in English and Spanish from Michigan State University, and previously taught both subjects. She received an M.A. in School Counseling from Eastern Michigan University. As a high school counselor, Mrs. Goossens takes seriously her responsibility to promote the academic, career and personal development of all students.

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Mr. Hardenbrook - Academic Support Coordinator

Mr. Hardenbrook started working for Fowlerville Community Schools in 1999.  He has worked as a teacher in both the junior high and high school, as well as spent four years as the high school assistant principal.  Mr. Hardenbrook’s passion lies in finding ways for students to be put on a track to reach their post high school goals.  Be it technical education, entry into the trades or workforce, college entry or scholarship application, Mr. Hardenbrook can help.

Come see him for more information about:
Wilson Talent Center
Livingston CTE classes
Michigan Virtual
CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
Advanced Placement
Standardized Testing
Dual Enrollment, U of M DEEP, and Early College
Work Co-op Program
College and Scholarships
MHSAA Referee Program

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Mrs. Lusk - Career Exploration Mentor

Mrs. Lusk has been with Fowlerville Community Schools since 2019. As the Career Exploration Mentor, her main focus is to guide students as they explore different career paths. This is accomplished through assistance in completing Educational Development Plans, facilitating community relationships with local employers, researching educational and/or career opportunities for students, facilitating field trips and job shadow opportunities, and promoting college and career opportunities to assist students in their transition to post high school options.

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Virtual FAFSA Financial Aid Workshop: Tuesday, December 7 at 6:00 pm:

Navigating financial aid can be a confusing process.  Take out the confusion with this workshop.  College admissions specialists will walk you through the process step-by-step.  Even if you are not sure of plans after high school, your FAFSA will need to be filled out if you EVER want to receive financial aid.  Why not take advantage of the support now? If you already have completed your FAFSA id using the information above, this workshop can complete the process.  You will need appropriate tax information from the previous year as well as your driver's license (see list above in financial aid timeline). Use the link below to sign up for a virtual workshop:  



We are happy to welcome Mrs. Caitlin Nelson, our Project SUCCESS counselor, back for another year at FHS!

What is Project SUCCESS?
Project Success is a prevention program offered to all middle and high schools in Livingston County.  Each school has a Project Success counselor in the building throughout the week.  The person is a resource for students, parents, staff and the community as well as a link to services in the community.  The ultimate goal of Project Success is to educate, prevent and reduce substance use by teaching healthy coping skills and promote community involvement. 

What issues can the Project SUCCESS Counselor help with?
Project SUCCESS is a resource for students who may be dealing with issues that are interfering with their "success" in school as well as personal life.  These could include: relationships, grief, divorce, depression, anxiety, mental health, stress or substance use/abuse, and decision making.

Project SUCCESS Counselors also facilitate Youth-Led Prevention groups that encourage students to lead other students in healthy decision making. These students put together activities and education around school, awareness weeks, fundraisers, events, and so much more.

What can the Project SUCCESS Counselor do?
Meet with students individually and in a group setting
Provide information to students, parents & staff
Help link students to community resources
Educate staff, students & parents on teenage topics of concern
Facilitate various student support groups
Make classroom presentations about prevention topics as well as substance education
Offer support to the students, teachers & parents

Where can I find the Project SUCCESS counselor?

Via email: nelsonc@fowlervilleschools.org or cclark@keycenters.org
The high schools Counseling office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Key Development Center 810-220-8192

Parents, are you looking for a way to reduce college costs? Is your child ready to challenge himself/herself academically? 

Don’t wait; planning is key to taking advantage of the courses available at Fowlerville High School

Powerpoint DocumentEducational Opportunities Presentation
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Credit Recovery is designed to help students make up credits while also gaining the knowledge that he/she may have missed in the regular classroom setting. The Odysseyware lesson design fosters ongoing collaboration between learners and teachers, enabling students to progress and practice at their own pace and receive support and guided instruction as needed.

Credit Recovery begins in October for Semester 1 and February for Semester 2.  Announcements will be made when it specifically begins for each semester.  Space is limited.  Please see the link to the registration form.  Completed forms can be turned in to Mr. Hardenbrook in the counseling office. 

PDF DocumentCredit Recovery 

A Personal Curriculum (PC) modifies certain requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) which must be met for the awarding of a Fowlerville High School diploma. For students without disabilities, modification of credit requirements is limited to a specific set of options set forth in the law.  For students with disabilities who have IEPs, other modifications of credit requirements may be sought.  Please note that the intent of the PC is to allow some flexibility in the MMC while holding all students accountable to as many of the content standards as practicable.  For allowable modifications, find the Personal Curriculum Modification Options sheet at the end of our most current course guide.

If you are a graduate or current student of Fowlerville High School and need a copy of your transcript to be sent to colleges, employers, self:

External LinkParchment.com - 2003- Current.

External LinkParchment instruction video.

PDF DocumentConsent for Transcript form - Prior to 2003 -  please send a signed, written request with your name as it was when you attended FHS, and the year you graduated to Mrs. Magusin in the high school office at: Fowlerville High School 700 North Grand Avenue Fowlerville, MI 48836 or fax the signed request to (517) 223-6065.

Current student at Fowlerville HS and need a copy of your transcript, please email or stop in to see  Mrs. Magusin in the counseling office between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:00 pm.

FHS Grading Scale

  • A =   93-100 %  =   4.0
  • A- = 90-92 % =  3.67
  • B+ =   88-89 % = 3.33
  • B =   83-87 % =  3.00
  • B- = 80-82 % = 2.67 
  • C+   = 78-79 %  = 2.33
  • C   = 73-77 % = 2.00
  • C- = 70-72 % = 1.67
  • D+   =  68-69 % =  1.33
  • D =  63-67 % = 1.00
  • D- = 60-62 % = 0.67
  • E = 0 - 59 % = 0.00

Beginning with the Class of 2009, weighted grades will be used for all advanced placement courses.  The following weighted grade system will be used for these calculations:

  • A   =   93-100 % =   4.50
  • A- = 90-92 % =  4.17
  • B+ =   88-89 % = 3.83
  • B =   83-87 % =  3.50
  • B- = 80-82 % =  3.17 
  • C+   = 78-79 %  = 2.83
  • C   = 73-77 % = 2.50
  • C- = 70-72 % = 2.17
  • D+   =  68-69 % =  1.83
  • D =  63-67 % = 1.50
  • D- = 60-62 % = 1.17
  • E = 0 - 59 % = 0.50

The program we are now using for students' Educational Development Plans. Students can access this site to complete four different assessments which will provide them with career matches based on their answers. The site also allows students to search different careers, majors, and schools that offer their area of interest. They can update their educational & career goals and plans, as well as complete the assigned "lessons" by grade level.





Lisa Magusin

Administrative Assistant

Curriculum Guides

PDF Document2021 - 2022

The following links are to the course guide presentations for each grade, which students viewed in class. Please feel free to watch the presentation that pertains to you, and contact your counselor with any questions.

Powerpoint DocumentFreshman

Powerpoint Document2020 - 21 Sophomore

Powerpoint Document2020 - 21 Junior

Powerpoint Document2020 - 21 Senior


External Link College Board  Review your PSAT and SAT results or send test scores to colleges

External LinkACT Access and send your ACT scores.

External Link Kahn Academy Study for the SAT, AP exams, or just brush up in school subjects